About Us


Heart a Cancer Fighter is a non-profit organization whose mission is to show love and support to cancer fighters through inspirational experiences, moments, or events. The source of our inspiration is from Deanna Freiling who, as a young mother at the age of 33, bravely fought colon cancer. Deanna is the late wife of our founder, Tom Freiling. Deanna’s defiant yet peaceful inner-strength was steeped in her strong faith. She never gave up, even to the very end, and continued to show her love for others. In her honor, Tom believes that every person fighting cancer deserves to be “hearted” during their cancer battle. “Hearting” a cancer fighter starts with a referral made on behalf of that individual. Simply give us an idea for how we can create an inspirational experience for your cancer fighter and our team gets to work to make it a reality. Heart a Cancer Fighter partners with local businesses and individuals who absolutely refuse to never give up and help other cancer fighters.

Below are a few examples of how to “heart a cancer fighter.” Get creative! You know your cancer fighter the best so let us know how we can create a personal, inspirational experience that’s perfect for them!

Ways to "Heart" a Cancer Fighter

Pray for Mason


“Hi! I just wanted to see if you could pray for my 2.5 year old son Mason who has PVL. Our last month has been insanely emotionally difficult. We were on an amazing journey to get him a special surgery to help him walk. We traveled from Maine to ST Louis, MO for this surgery. We never expected such a bitter sweet experience, while out there we received the news our child had an extremely rare brain tumor which caused another rare condition called diencephalic syndrome. We are so thankful to have received the surgery because going out there could have possibly saved our son’s life. We would be very grateful if  you would be willing to share and help get his story out there.”

-Ashley, mom

Thanks to donations, we were able to heart Mason with his favorite Paw Patrol love!




Do you know a cancer fighter that needs prayer and support?
Join with us!

Laura’s Cancer Fight


“Please pray for my mom Laura, 54, who has stage 4  breast cancer.  She was diagnosed two years ago but unfortunately it keeps spreading despite her treatment options. She remains optimistic and prays Psalm 91 everyday that God is protecting her.  She is strong willed and is a fighter.  She is the strongest woman I know. She has always been a giver and has continued to help and bless others through her Little Bits of Comfort project where she makes cancer care bags and delivers them to different cancer centers around the area.  She loves the beach and being with her family and friends.  One of her bucket list items is to go to Destin, Florida in March with her two daughters, 2 grandchildren, her mom, her sisters, and her two best friends.  This trip would mean the world to her.  We know that time is the best memories we can create with our mom.  She is an extraordinary woman who has tackled this cancer head on and it will not define the wife, mother, grandmother, friend, sister and daughter she is.”

-Amanda, daughter

SRR---Aqualine-Green_smallA big THANK YOU! to Southern for their donation in making this dream a reality! Laura and her family had a wonderful time in Destin and made so many memories. “There are no words for how grateful we are.” Dear God, please put your loving, healing arms around this family!

Do you know a cancer fighter that needs prayer and support?
Join with us!

Team Emma Beth


“This is 2 year old Emma Beth! She was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor on May 11, 2016. Emma Beth underwent surgery on May 12th where the entire tumor was removed. Emma Beth started 4 months of intense chemo and followed it with 30 rounds of radiation.

The doctor’s gave Emma a 20% chance survival rate and she is beating those odds because of our wonderful and merciful God.

Today Emma has been in remission for 2 months and is now taking maintenance chemo.

This vibrant little angel has floored the doctors with her strength and joy. She can make a room light up and make any doctor or nurse do the “whip and nae nae”

Emma beth loves to sing and dance and loves to make people laugh.

This family knows God and is truly relying on him about their daughter healing. I just want people to know and be praying.”



-Missie, mom

Do you know a cancer fighter that needs prayer and support?
Join with us!

Hope for Jessica


“My daughter Jessica is 33 and pregnant with her first child. She was told that she has breast cancer at 34 weeks pregnant. Her baby girl, Savannah, was delivered three weeks early and then Jessica had a double mastectomy. She is very scared. If you could pray for her and send something to help comfort her.”

-Charlene, mother and grandmother


Thanks to donations, we were able to heart Jessica with some Babies R Us love and much needed formula for her baby!



Do you know a cancer fighter that needs love and support?
Join with us!

Ryan’s Dream


“Ryan is 6 years old with stage 3 kidney cancer. He was hit by a flying basketball at an Apple Valley Christian School game. If it wasn’t for that ball, he wouldn’t have been diagnosed so soon. Even with the early discovery, the tumor had grown to the same size as his kidney. He had to have surgery to remove his entire kidney. He will also be undergoing chemotherapy treatments that will require him to be in the hospital. He just had his kidney removal on December 7, 2016 and will be starting chemo in a few weeks… he keeps asking if he can go to Disneyland after his treatments are done but we are a single family income and most of our savings have and will go to the remaining treatments.”

Thanks to a donation from Chicago, we were able to heart Ryan and his family with a day at Disneyland!



Do you know a cancer fighter that needs love and support?
Join with us!

Duane’s Dream


“Please pray for Duane, my husband of 46 years, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer over three and a half years ago. He has been fighting hard and his spirit never wavers. He worries more about me than himself, and has done everything possible to get more time. He loves both the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs and would love to attend either a baseball or football game in KC. If your wonderful organization could find a way to get him tickets to a game, it really would make his day, week, and year!! I heart him so much!!”

Together with his wife, we were able to heart him  with tickets to his favorite team, the Kansas City Royals.