Together We Can Make a Difference!

Research Focus Groups and Surveys

We know that many cancer patients value the opportunity to take part in research. Research can help patients find better treatments with less side-effects, and ultimately a cure. Even if research only helps a future generation rid itself of this awful disease, most cancer patients want to help. But this isn’t happening nearly as much as it could, as less than one-third of cancer patients agree to participate in research. We want to make it comfortable and easy for you to help our medical research partners, and we may ask you (by email) to participate in a survey, focus group, or other cancer research project. You are never obligated to participate and your privacy will always be protected. Together we can help cancer researchers find a cure!


Clinical Trial Participation

Less Than 5%

We might also give you the opportunity to participate in a clinical trail. Today, less than 5% of cancer patients ever join a clinical trial, but these trials are so essential to advancing research. So we also help connect cancer-fighters with appropriate trial opportunities.


Laboratory Studies and Research

Our cancer research partners are involved in research in a variety of ways. Some researchers are involved in preclinical and translational cancer research, which is focused on the interface of laboratory investigations and human cancer, while others are involved in molecular genetics, biochemistry, and immunology. We do not fund laboratory research itself, but rather we support this research with data from cancer-fighters who participate in Focus Groups and Surveys. When you participate in our data-collection efforts, on behalf of our partners, you are helping to advance cancer research that will improve the discovery and delivery of cancer drugs and ultimately find new targets for the prevention, detection, and cures for cancer.

It is our hope that one day we will have a cure for this terrible disease!