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Make a Donation


Give a one-time or monthly contribution to our non-profit and help us help give other cancer fighters inspirational experiences! Click here to donate.

Pocket Prayer Mini Books


“Pocket Prayers” is a mini book full of prayers for cancer fighters and their loved ones. Each page contains a prayer and inspirational image that has been shared between cancer fighters, people just like you who are standing together in faith for strength and healing. It’s a small book of big prayers!

**All profits go to Heart a Cancer Fighter. Also, when you purchase a mini book, Heart a Cancer Fighter donates an additional copy to another cancer fighter in a hospital or cancer center.

Team Ribbon Artwork


Create your own custom name cancer ribbon artwork for t-shirts or wall art.

**All profits go to Heart a Cancer Fighter.

Breast Cancer Tattoos


Each temporary tattoo sheet is 5″x8″ and contains 20 designs. Mix and match them as bracelets and rings on your hands or arms. All tattoos are made with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients and last for 5-7 days.

**All profits go to Heart a Cancer Fighter.

Warrior Wear


Purchase t-shirts, can coolers, bandanas and more and support other cancer fighters!

**All profits go to Heart a Cancer Fighter.

Donate a Product/Service


Do you own a business and would like to help a cancer fighter? Let us know what product or service you’d like to donate to create an inspirational experience for a cancer fighter!

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Our community is supported by Oncolony, connecting cancer fighters with cancer-fighting research.

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